Getting Names with Faces

On 01/12/2017


When we first spoke before Christmas I mentioned a potential single parent that might be a good match for you.  I just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago and she’s interested in meeting you.  I have attached her profile so you can look it over and decide if, in turn, you are interested in meeting her.

She lives in California so any initial meeting would need to be via Skype.  She says she has availability tomorrow afternoon/evening, next Tuesday morning or any time next Wednesday.  If you like what you see, let me know what your availability is and I’ll see what I can arrange.  (if possible, it would be great if both you and Mariah could be on the Skype call).

Barrett and I were just chatting about the $1,000 advance.  I have intentionally held your medical records because of this potential, so even if this match doesn’t work out and you choose not to move forward specifically with her, I will extend your eligibility period because the delay is due to something I have done, not something you haven’t!

Send me an email  or give me a call on my personal cell phone (352-xxx-xxxx) with your opinion on meeting [Jane] and we’ll go from there!

Kind regards,


Finally, I was able to see her beautiful face. I was also able to read about her amazing soul and learn about her life, dreams and goals. I cannot wait to be able to possibly share more information. After I received this email, of course, I showed Mariah. We look over her profile and I called Jennifer as she requested. She was shocked with how fast I responded. I told Jen that Jane and I are ready to do this yesterday so we have to get rolling. She laughed and told me that I have quickly figured out Jane and how I was right. I told Jen the sooner the better on setting up the Skype call as I am sure Jane is just as eager as I am. She told me she would contact Jane and let me know. I gave her my schedule and the best times. Jen called me a few hours later with the details of the first call. It will be on 01/13/2017 @ 5 pm. I am excited, that’s tomorrow! Jane wants to do the call, and if all goes well, so she can fly out fairly quickly to do our in person interview. I am excited, but nervous. As that is to be expected, I am still technically pending medical clearance from my pregnancy and birth of Lexie. As well as, a psychological clearance from Mariah and I. Jen looked over my medical docs and they show no concern to her. She isn’t worried that we will fail. I just hope I am not getting my hopes up for disappointment. In the mean time, we have our first Skype call tomorrow so I will focus on one thing at a time. 


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