The Welcoming to Colorado Surrogacy 

I came across the agency, Colorado Surrogacy, a little bit before Christmas. I was given contact information when I was looking into having a baby with my wife Mariah. I told the lady on the phone, who was Jennifer, about my previous surrogacy journey. I informed her of my doubts with this agency. She gave me a little info about their program and how they have a IP’s (intended parent) that I may be interested in. She gave me insight on this IP in particular and I told her, “yes.” I knew I was the person for the job right then and there. After a few more minutes of conversstion, she ended the note on making sure I got private insurance and to go online and fill out the basic application. Due to the fact I just recently switched jobs, I was not aware if my position was benefits eligible. A few days passed and I didnt put much thought into it. I found myself in my bosses office going over my floor orientation schedule. We started talking about my position and come to find out, I was eligible for full benefits due to being full time (I thought this whole time I was PRN). Once I was home, I filled out the quick online application and called Jennifer back ASAP to make sure she received it. Of course, she did and I reminded her that I was still interested in the IP we discussed days ago. On 12/29/2016 I received a email from Jennifer, who is part of the team, about my welcome packet and the steps needed to be done. This is the full email disclosed: 

Dear Ashley,


Thanks very much for your interest in becoming a surrogate with our agency. This email serves as a confirmation that you will receive a call from Barrett Lucero from our office tomorrow to set up an interview appointment.  If you miss her call or need to call at a time that is more convenient than waiting for her, please give her a call at 303-xxx-xxx

The interview usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. Let us know if you end up needing to reschedule!


Attached to this email are the following documents:


1. Welcome Letter

2. Application

3. Background Check Form

4. Medical Request Form

5. Sample Compensation Contract

6. Summary of Compensation


Please fill out the Application and the Background Check Form (one for each adult in your household) and send back to me or Barrett (cc’d here) as soon as possible. We will also need a picture or photocopy/scan of each household adult’s Drivers License. 


The medical request form is for you to fill out and send to your OB/GYN(s). There are instructions on the form for their offices to send your records back to us.

The Welcome Letter and the Compensation Forms are only for your information and do not need to be filled out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


We are excited to get to know you better. Your interest in helping a family achieve the dream of having a child is generous and beautiful!


Kind regards,



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