Abnormal Pap, Oh Snap!

On January 25, 2017, just like every other woman on the face of this earth, I went into my OBGYN to have my annual womanly exam done. It was the normal procedure of sitting the waiting room 15 mins past my appointment time, getting my  vitals done, being put into a small room, rushing to put on this awkward gown before the doctor walks in and then getting into place on the table. When the doctor was done with the exam, he shook my hand and told me he would have his MA call me in about a week with the results. He left the room as I went on to get dressed back in my normal clothes since my appointment was over.

Fast forward to about a week, on February 1, 2017, I got the phone call of my results. The MA went on to tell me that the results showed signs of abnormal cells in my cervix and that further testing should be done to rule out any possible existing or future problems. Of course, I was worried and getting on Google did not help my worry. The MA was able to get me in the very next day with the nurse practitioner  (NP) that works closely with my OB. My appointment was bright and early. Of course, I had Lexie with me as well since mommy Mariah had work that morning. When arriving to the clinic I was brought back to get my vitals done just like any other appointment. After the MA was done screening me, she took me back into the procedure room. This is where I was going to have a coloscopy done. I was advised to only strip from the waist down and that the blanket to cover up with is on the table that I was to sit on. I nervously waited for the NP to come into the room. I was able to occupy Lexie with the various videos of surprise eggs on YouTube.  When she walked in, I immediately started to flood her with questions. She answered each question and even sometimes twice. She assured me that this procedure was like the ultimate pap smear and that she would let me know when she was about to take a sample since it does hurt. I was told that she would take 3 samples; one from the inside of my cervix (with a giant Q-tip looking thing) and two on the outside the cervix where the vinegar bubbled the most (in which these two sample where pieces of my cervix cut/pinch out). The procedure maybe lasted 15 mins.The NP advised me that the results would take about a week and that they would tell me at my next appointment.  After it was done, I got dressed. I went to the front desk to set up my appointment for an ultrasound to check out my fallopian tubes, ovaries and my uterus. I made this appointment because I was having some mild cramping that was constant.

Fast forwarding to February 9, 2017, it seemed like the longest week . My parents picked Mariah and I up to my appointment. They wanted to be there for support just in case the news was not great. When I got to the clinic, I had my ultrasound first. The ultrasound only indicated that I may of have a cyst on my ovary rupture and that is what is causing the cramping. The tech came to this conclusion because there was some fluid build up in my ovaries. I was advised that it would clear up on its own, but mild cramping is common. After my ultrasound, I was back in the MA’s office getting my vitals done. When she was done she grabbed the crew and took us all to the small exam room. The NP came in and addressed me as I introduced to her my crew of support. She told me that the biopsy of the coloscopy showed low grade abnormal cells on my cervix, but it should not be anything to worry about at this time. She advised that if my cramping continued to come back to have it checked back out, but the for the abnormal cells to just do a follow up pap in 6 months until I get two normal pap’s back. I questioned her on if this was going to be a problem for future pregnancy and she told me that there is no worry at this moment in time. I had the NP if she could write a letter stating the results of the pap and her recommendations. She told me that should be a problem. We all left the room in great relief. I went to the front desk to sign a medical release form so I can get the lab results just in case Colorado Surrogacy or CCRM wanted to see them. I was told I could pick them up the next day.

So life is great and I can keep on moving forward!!


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