CCRM Interrogation!

On February 15, 2017, I was awoken to another phone call from CCRM. It was a lady from the psychological side of things. After assuming we passed the medication mishap, she called me to re-question me about it. I told her the same thing that I told Jen and the same information that Jen and I dug up. The lady was worried because if I was epileptic that I could potentially harm myself and my future surro baby. It felt like we were talking in circles. I told her that I understand her concern, but I do not have that problem. She told me that she is going to give me temporary permission to continue to move forward in the CCRM process and that someone will contact me to draw up my 1 day blood work up. The lady also told me that I will have to undergo a psychological review to make sure that I am safe enough to be a surrogate (in which every surrogate has to do that, so I do not know why she made it a point). I just told the lady that I fully understand and that she can do whatever needs to be done to ensure that all is golden. I told her I have nothing to worry about.

After the phone call, I text Jen to call me. I told her CCRM contacted me again and I gave her the news of getting the 1 day blood work up. Of course, she was annoyed that they yet again call me first. She was so happy because overall, this meant we have passed the medical review hurdle and that I was going to be able to move forward. She told me that CCRM was do the blood work up 13ish days after my next period cycle; which is soon. Jen told me after the blood work up, the next step is the psychological screening with CCRM psychology department. After that screening, we will fully know if CCRM is going to accept me as a surrogate in their program since Jane has partnered up with them.

Also, Jen decided to take a precautionary step of asking me to get an OB clearance due to the fact that CCRM has now made that a new rule to their process. So she wanted it to have on hand so when they ask for it she already has it. I thought no problem. I called my OBGYN and told them I needed this letter. They said they would pass it on to the doc and he will write and sign it for me. I got a phone call a few hours later from the MA telling me that the recommendation was to wait 2 pap cycles of getting 2 normal paps to be 100% cleared. I told the MA that the NP did not see an issue with me becoming pregnant and that I do not have 1 year to wait to get 2 normal paps (each pa is done 6 months apart). She put me on hold to review the abnormal pap. When she came back to the phone she told me she will call me back shortly. The next phone call was from the NP herself. She told me that she had my OB doc look everything over and that his recommendation is to get retested in 1 year (aka my annual exam) and that I would be fine to become pregnant. The Np was happy to write a letter on the doc’s behalf. She told me I could pick it up later that evening before they closed at 5pm.  I did just that and faxed the letter and all lab results to Jen. So after one heart attack after another, we are still in the clear and we are moving forward. Jen told me that she was going to tell Jane of the good news. Jen told me that since we have passed the hardest part (basically I should be good to go for CCRM standards) that it was time to tell Jane all the good news. This is when I decided to make Jane a pre-pregnancy announcement that my uterus was hers. I sent the pic over to Jen and she will tell Jane first thing in the morning. 

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