Medical Record Mishap

Having a medical record mishap is such a huge struggle. This had been an on going issue for about 3 weeks. It was indicated in my previous records of having Lexie that I was on a medication for epilepsy as well as, it could be treated for depression. If you know me, I do not have epilepsy and I have the same amount of sadness as everyone else does. Colorado Surrogacy did not have an issue at the time of the medication, but CCRM wanted to know the who, what and where of it all. This is when Jen and I started to dig. Why is this on my chart and how did it get there. My first assumption was that I was put on it after I had my miscarriage and that was prescribed to me by my OBGYN at the time. We called the office to find out that he for sure did not prescribed it and that it was indicated as previous medication. So, who prescribed it? I called Walgreens, as they have been my pharmacy since I have always live in Colorado. They had no indication that I ever filled this medication and had no doctor. Jen and I were at a brick wall and we did not know what to do. Jen decided that she was going to type up a medical deceleration stating all health issues I have had and all medications I may have been on in my adult life. It was also stated in the deceleration that I had no indication of where this medication came from and this is was a misunderstanding. She advised me to print out the form and to go have it notarized. I did just that. After having some issues with the fax machine, I was able to get her the signed copy by going to Kinkos. The only conclusion that Jen and I were able to come up with is that at times my thighs get chaffed and I will add this footpowder mixed with calamine lotion to help the friction. The footpowder and the medication are almost identical in spelling. After chasing this wild goose, I am led to believe that we have satisfied CCRM. We are still waiting to hear back from them on if they are going to approve me medically or not. Fingers crossed!

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