CCRM Email

Wow! So today has been an exciting day. I woke up to an email from CCRM. It was from the nurse that is working on Jane and I’s case. The email was basically telling me, Welcome to CCRM! She sent me a link to set up my online account with them and the steps to do so. Also, Mariah will be setting up an account too. Believe it or not, my partner is just as liable in the surrogacy as I am. Meaning she has to undergo evaluations and screenings too. Here is the first email that I received from my CCRM nurse:

Hello Ashley,

The instructions for creating an account for yourself and Mariah are below.  Please reply to this email once you have finished the registration process so I can confirm it came through on my side.  Please call (303) xxx-xxxx or email with the first day of your next period and we can schedule your one day workup between cycle days 5-13.  Let me know if you have any questions.



The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine utilizes an electronic medical record system and your registration via our internet portal called MedFusion is an important first step in establishing your secure medical record with us. Please follow the steps below to complete your required new patient registration.

I left out the step by step instruction on how to register, but you get the idea of what is going on. So for us, this is a huge step making it this far in CCRM to get to the one day work up. As the hardest part is over (passing medical), it is still nerve racking not knowing if I am going to be fully accepted or not. I am grateful for my awesome intake coordinator Jen who has helped me through this whole process and has been my support as we are advancing into the next steps. After talking to Jen the one day work up is going to be a full day from Mariah and I. She believe the appointment starts around 7:30 am. Which CCRM is located in Lone Tree (near Denver) which is roughly 1 hour and 4 mins away (57 miles). The appointment will consist of both of us getting out blood drawn. I am assuming they will be testing from STD’s, tobacco and other drugs. I will also undergo a ultrasound. Then Mariah and I will both undergo a psych eval. Jen believes that the day could last until around 2 pm, but is not quite sure. Once, I have more information about what the one day workup consist of, I will be sure to post more about the eventful day. As you saw in the email, the one day workup cannot be scheduled until I start my next period. Which, conveniently, I started today (2/16/17). I attempted to call my CCRM nurse, but it was after 5 pm. So, I will call them first thing tomorrow. The appointment is to be scheduled between 5-13 days after the first day of my period. So, the appointment will be between the dates of February 21st till March 1st. Once, I have the one day work up, it could take 7-14 days before we have the final answer on if they are going to fully pass me or not. This will be the last long wait on the CCRM acceptance process.

I also found out that Jane’s eggs are about 6 weeks out from being ready for the first transfer. This means we are right on schedule with the timing of everything. Her eggs are being tested and will have grown in a little dish for a few days (well, I am not sure how long they are grown for) then they will be ready to be transferred to me. They will pick the best match out of the bunch and we hope that sticks. If all goes right with the timing, we are assuming the first transfer will take place in sometime April. Jen emailed Jane today with the picture that I took yesterday along with the news that I have passed the hardest hurdle. They are looking at their calendars to see when Jane can come out to meet me in person (since she lives in California). It looks like Jen will be back in Denver (because she technically lives in Alabama) March 7/8th. I am off that week from March 6-9th, so that works out perfectly. Fingers crossed on meeting Jane and Jen in person within the next 3ish weeks.

I’ll be calling CCRM tomorrow telling them the news that I have officially started my period. Hopefully, I can post after I get off the phone with the CCRM nurse on when I will be scheduled for my one day work up as well as, more information on what events will be taking place that day. Stay tuned!

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