CCRM One Day Workup

2/23/17 was the big day, but also one of the last hoop’s I must jump through to get cleared. The previous two day’s I had come down with a head cold that took all my energy and left me in bed with a 102.6 fever. I knew I had to rest as my CCRM appointment was coming up. However, I am also mom and have mommy duties. I am so grateful that I could do my mommy duties, but my amazing wife took over most of them to care for Lexie so I could get some rest in preparation of my appointment.

Thursday started off super early as Mariah set her alarm for 4:10 am to get showered and whatnot. My alarm went off at 5 am because I always wait until the absolute last minute that I must get out of bed. I was still feeling a little froggy. I did start to feel faint like when I was trying to put on make-up and that was more likely because I had taken Nyquil that previous night and did not give it enough time to wear off before I woke up. Mariah got Lexie up and ready a quarter till 6 am. We decided to take Mariah’s new car as it got better gas mileage as well as, I was not feeling so hot. I am glad that Mariah offered to drive. Knowing it would be a long day, we grabbed breakfast to go from McDonalds.

We got to CCRM way ahead of schedule at 7 am. We realized the building was unlocked so we went inside to get out of snow that Colorado was trying to give us. My first thought when I walked in was, “wow this place is fancy.” I felt a little under dressed and we more likely looked like a hot mess walking through the doors trying to juggle the kid and the diaper bag among the small stack of papers we had. The receptionist got us checked in right away. She asked us if we had been here before and of course, I reply that we had not. She took us towards the back of the building and through a door. There we were greeted by another receptionist named Nicole and were placed next to her desk with an arrangement of five chairs. She gave me a clip board of papers to fill out. She told us that we both need to do a urine test and to let her know when we are ready. I told her I could go now so I could get it over with. I was taken to a bathroom with the needed supplies and given instructions. Of course, Lexie had to come help me too. After I was done I went back to the small waiting area where I tried filling out the paperwork. Mariah was taken back to do her urine sample too. Before Mariah could return, the ultrasound tech came to get me. Of course, Lexie came too. I was in another small room with instructions to get undressed from waist down and to cover up with the pink, crinkly paper… I mean cloth. Lexie was so excited to see mommy’s tummy on the screen. The tech took maybe 15 minutes’ worth of many angles of the whole inside of my uterus. Yes, this was a vaginal ultrasound. When she was done, I cleaned myself up and got dressed. When heading back to the waiting room the tech realized she forgot one shot so back to the room I went. She was so sweet as she apologized. She was telling herself, “I do this a million times a day and yet I forget this one shot.” I told her it was no big deal. She was very quick on getting her last scan. Once we made it back to the waiting room, it was time for me to do my PAI testing. Keep in mind, I am still juggling the clip board trying to fill it all out. I was only allowed in the room to take the test so Lexie had to stay behind. I could not tell you how long the test took as it felt so long and boring. I felt like I was staring at the computer screen for a good 20ish min’s if I had to guess. The PAI test consisted of 344 repeated questions. It felt like that same questions rephrased. They were questions like: Are you going to kill yourself? Do you think of suicide? Do you see or hear things that are not there? Do voices tell you do to things? Are you sad? I mean there was more to it, but you get the idea. There were also positive questions about my feelings, but there was also a lot of double negatives that made me think. Once the test was over, I went back to the waiting room. The next thing to do was to see the psychologist. We all went to see the psychologist. She was a very nice lady. Her voice was oddly calm, but soothing. The three of us sat on a couch as she asked us questions about ourselves, childhood, religion and our relationship. I do not know how long we were in there. As soon as we were done she took us back to the waiting room to Nicole. After 15 mins, the psychologist asked me to come back to the room as she forgot to ask me a question. So, I got up and we went back to the room. She re-questioned me about a previous medication I was thought to be on. I told her about this misunderstanding as we have told them what seemed a million times already. She told me that all should be fine and no big deal. Once, I was back in the waiting room I finished the paperwork. It was found that I needed to redo my urine sample as the first sample was too concentrated. I was given a bottle of water. The lab lady came to grab us as it was time for our blood draw. I was put on the stand first. Mariah kept telling me to watch her do it, but I do not like that. I just kept giving her the ‘shush it’ face. They needed 12 vials of blood. I was doing ok until the last few were needed. I started to feel light headed. She got the last few and laid me back in the chair. Mariah was making fun of me and calling me weak. Lexie was asking me if I was ok. I sat back up drank some juice and laid back down. That has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. I switched seats with Mariah and she got her 5 vials taken. While that was happening, I had to go to the restroom. I stupidly forgot that she needed another sample as when I got back Nicole questioned me if I went pee. I just told her nothing happened and it was a false alarm. After that I only was taken back into another room where the hysteroscopy was going to take place. The MA took my vitals and did a finger prick to check my iron. Then she proceeded to tell me what to expect. She told me I was be getting an annual exam with a breast check. Then once that was done the doc is going to thoroughly check out my uterus by pumping carbon dioxide into my uterus to blow it up so she can look all around it. Then she would also do a trial run of the cath placement to see how easily it will go in and how far they will need to put it in for when they do the actual transfer. Of course, you know me, my only question was, “when I sit up am I going to queef?” She was redder than red and laughing hysterically. She told me through her laughing that it would not happen as my body with absorb the gas. She took me to the exam room where I undressed and got up on the table and waited for the doc. The doc came in and told me about the process again. She told me that the gas could cause discomfort in my shoulders or lower ribcage. She said it is normal but uncomfortable. After all was done, I got up and sure enough the shoulder pain hit me hard and it was unbearable. I got dressed and complained about the pain and that it did not give me any time before it hit. I was taken to a small room where Lexie and Mariah were waiting for me. This is where the doc came in to tell me all the risk of surrogacy. As if I did not already know, but I was glad she was just doing her job. This is also the time I decided to re-leave my urine sample. Back to the waiting room we went, were Nicole gave her millionth ‘Welcome Back.’ Nicole gave us vouchers for lunch at their little stand and told us to come back in 20 minutes or so. We got sandwiches and sides. Lexie was so talkative as she greeted every person that came by and questioned them on what they were doing. Between my shoulder pain and still feeling faint like from my blood draw, I found myself laying on the couch as time passed. Once lunch was over we went back to the waiting room. We seem to be in this area a lot. Our nurse, Shawna, took Mariah and I back to a room where she went over the whole program, medications and instructions, did some more paperwork on the computer and my results from the day. Other than my uterine lining, all looked well. I passed all the screenings and test for the day. My lining was only measuring at a 4.5 out of 7… whatever that means. She said it is more likely because I am only a week out from my last period. To be on the safe side, I must do a mock trial (which I will blog more info about when the time comes) when my next cycle starts. I was place on an antibiotic as preventative care from the hysteroscopy to ensure I do not get any infections. Also, since I was showing signs on low vitamin D, I was placed on 5000 Vitamin D a day.

We are estimating the mock to happen March 16th. Overall, if all goes as planned, we are expecting to do the first transfer end of May or early June. That would put surro baby’s arrival March 2018 roughly. As I stated earlier, I will do a separate blog about the mock trial as well as, all the medications I will be on and that process. Jane is debating on doing our in person meet on March 13th instead of earlier since she has a CCRM appointment herself on the 14th. It all works out for me. It was a long day. We got home about 2 pm and we all took naps.ccrm-1ccrm2


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