Skype Interview on 1/13/17

So, last Friday, 1/13/17, Mariah and I had our 1st Skype interview with both Jane (remember this is her disguise name) and Jennifer. I am happy to announce that it went very well. Jane is an amazing woman with so much strength and I am blessed to have met her. The interview was actually pretty comical as all ends were having technical difficulties as Skype was only showing certain ends of the live video footage. I either could not see Jane or I could not seen Jen or Jen and Jane could not see me. However, in our 15 to 20 mins of effort we finally were able to get it to where all parties could see each other and it was good to go. It was a great feeling to have finally met Jane and was able to put a face with her name. As I thought the first Skype interview would be awkward, it was surprisingly not. We hit it off right from the start. Jen would address some concerns that Jane had and I would answer and then Jen would address some concerns that I had and Jane would answer. Then Jen would sit back and just listen to Jane and I chat about, what seemed to be a lot in a nutshell, life. Jane was curious as to why I was interested in being a surrogate mother and what led me down that path. I explained to her my concepts and the reasons behind becoming a surrogate (which I can address this in a separate blog if there are request). Then I explained to her my few adventures in different surrogacy programs before I was led to Colorado Surrogacy. Jane then asked me how I handle pregnancy and how it was for me. I told her the truth as my pregnancy was not very eventful. I did not have any issues with being nauseated in the first trimester. I told her my biggest hurdle was being tired in the first trimester. This led me to tell her the day I gave birth to Lexie. I told her each step by step of a pretty accurate time frame of what happened when and how it happened. She just sat there smiling at the camera as she listened to the story. In the middle of me telling my story, it was found that my charger to my computer was no longer working therefore my computer was not being charged this whole time, my computer died. So I quickly got my phone out and got Skype back up and running. Luckily, we did not have any connection issues and everyone could see each other. Once I got Skype back up,  I finished my story. It was great.

We talked about so many things. We did bring up the topic of my blogs and her identity. She wants to be anonymous and I respect her wishes on that. She did tell me that I can say a little about her so my readers kind of know a little of who she is. She is an East Indian single intended parent. She attempted the dating life and as she has had a few successful long term relationships, it just did not turn out in the end. Now, time had escaped her as she is in her early 40’s and she is left trying to figure out how to have a family as she always had dreamt of. She works as an attorney, what kind I did not think to ask. Her father and other siblings are all doctors of different care. She is a very smart woman as she has two degrees; one in law and the other in microbiology and chem. As we have already learned from previous blogs, she lives in California. I am sure many are wondering what led her to the path of surrogacy. Due to her age and some previous health issues it has left her with the option of adoption (which she looked into) and surrogacy in order for her to have family of her own. Due to recent health issues, she did harvest some eggs of her own. Unfortunately, something went wrong and only 5 of her genetic eggs survived. So, now she has 5 eggs in hopes of having a baby this is genetically hers. With knowing this, she has already taken the time to find a back up egg donor that looks like her just in case the 5 eggs do not take. In my eyes, she is amazing already just because she truly just wants a family even if it is not genetically hers. She deserves this more than anyone I know. I truly hope for her sake, that between the process and my body, her genetic eggs take. Jane is a very family oriented person and I absolutely cannot wait to be able to give her the family she deserves.

Unfortunately, I had to cut the amazing Skype chat short due to the fact that I had to get to work. However, before we ended it Jen told us she would contact both Jane and I to see if we both wanted to move forward after the phone. As soon as I ended the phone call, I got on my phone and text Jen that I wanted to move forward with Jane. Jen responded back telling me that Jane felt the same way. So Jane and I did not even given Jen a chance to recollect after the video.

That same night Jen informed us that she was going to be sending my records to Janes other parties medical department. Jane had a outstanding party outside of Colorado Surrogacy to help Jane with her journey on finding the right surrogate. This program is called CCRM. CCRM and Colorado Surrogacy work together when requested by the IP. So now we wait. We  wait to see if CCRM is happy with my records and if they feel that Jane should move forward with me or if Jane should look for someone else. CCRM uses quite the magnify glass when reviewing potential surrogats for their IP’s. Jen sent the records that Friday night so CCRM would have them Monday morning. I just got a email from Jen today, 1/19/17, requesting more medical records for CCRM. After a little discussion back and fourth, it was discovered that CCRM had all records and there is nothing more to be given. Jen told me it was normal for them to request more information. I am just worried that CCRM does not have enough info to move forward with me or at least the information that they do have is enough for them to be happy with moving forward with me. So we just keep waiting and jeep waiting for replies. It could take up to another week for CCRM to decide if I am going to be a good fit for Jane. I just hope the wait is worth it as Jane and I are already very excited. I want to talk to Jane and get to know her better, but I am afraid if I am denied for her that we will both get our heart broken. So right now I am keeping my distant on messaging her until I get more information that it is good to go. Positive vibes for Jane and I are totally accepted as this waiting game is a pain.


Getting Names with Faces

On 01/12/2017


When we first spoke before Christmas I mentioned a potential single parent that might be a good match for you.  I just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago and she’s interested in meeting you.  I have attached her profile so you can look it over and decide if, in turn, you are interested in meeting her.

She lives in California so any initial meeting would need to be via Skype.  She says she has availability tomorrow afternoon/evening, next Tuesday morning or any time next Wednesday.  If you like what you see, let me know what your availability is and I’ll see what I can arrange.  (if possible, it would be great if both you and Mariah could be on the Skype call).

Barrett and I were just chatting about the $1,000 advance.  I have intentionally held your medical records because of this potential, so even if this match doesn’t work out and you choose not to move forward specifically with her, I will extend your eligibility period because the delay is due to something I have done, not something you haven’t!

Send me an email  or give me a call on my personal cell phone (352-xxx-xxxx) with your opinion on meeting [Jane] and we’ll go from there!

Kind regards,


Finally, I was able to see her beautiful face. I was also able to read about her amazing soul and learn about her life, dreams and goals. I cannot wait to be able to possibly share more information. After I received this email, of course, I showed Mariah. We look over her profile and I called Jennifer as she requested. She was shocked with how fast I responded. I told Jen that Jane and I are ready to do this yesterday so we have to get rolling. She laughed and told me that I have quickly figured out Jane and how I was right. I told Jen the sooner the better on setting up the Skype call as I am sure Jane is just as eager as I am. She told me she would contact Jane and let me know. I gave her my schedule and the best times. Jen called me a few hours later with the details of the first call. It will be on 01/13/2017 @ 5 pm. I am excited, that’s tomorrow! Jane wants to do the call, and if all goes well, so she can fly out fairly quickly to do our in person interview. I am excited, but nervous. As that is to be expected, I am still technically pending medical clearance from my pregnancy and birth of Lexie. As well as, a psychological clearance from Mariah and I. Jen looked over my medical docs and they show no concern to her. She isn’t worried that we will fail. I just hope I am not getting my hopes up for disappointment. In the mean time, we have our first Skype call tomorrow so I will focus on one thing at a time. 


The Interview 

​On 12/30/2016

Hi Ashley,

Thanks very much for talking with me this afternoon! This email serves as a confirmation of our interview on Monday, January 9th at 11 a.m. at the Starbucks at the corner of Tejon and Bijou.

The interview usually takes 1 – 1.5 hours. As we discussed, if your wife is able to join us, that’s great! If she isn’t, that’s no problem for this interview.

I’m not sure if you and Jenn talked about it, but you have signed up during our $1000 advance promotion. In order to receive the advance on your future compensation, I need to have received the Background Check Form(s) within 48 hours of our Interview (by Wednesday, January 11th, 2017). I will also need to have received your medical records from your providers within 10 days of our interview (by Thursday, January 19th, 2017). Your psychological screening, which cannot be scheduled until after I receive your Medical Records and they have been reviewed, will need to be completed on or before February 9th, 2017. Once you have successfully cleared the medical screening and the psychology screening, you will receive the $1,000 advance on your compensation, and you will be cleared to be matched. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to call or email me, or we can talk more about it at our interview.

I really look forward to meeting you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.



It was official. I was moving forward with this agency and it was already more promising. Mariah and I both went to the interview. By the time we ordered and received our coffee, Barrett walked right through the door. We exchanged ‘hello’s’ and sat down. Then she remember she needed coffee too. Once we were all back at the table, I turned in all the paper work that they previously requested in the Welcome Packet. We went over the paper work. She asked both Mariah and I a lot of questions and we answered them all. The dialogue continued and it was great. We brought up the IP we had been ambiguously discussing. I finally got her name however, for now, I’ll leave her name out until I know she is ok with it. For now, her name is Jane. Listening to Barrett talk, my eyes were bigger than a half dollar as I was eager  to get the ball rolling with her. The in person interview was great and I was excited for the next steps. We left with nothing but smiles. Here is her follow up email after our interview: 

Hi Ashley,

It was really great to meet you and Mariah today – thanks for coming out in the hurricane. Ha!

I have just sent off for your background checks, so you should both have an email from GoodHire.com with instructions to complete the check. 

I texted you earlier about needing a picture of each of your Driver’s Licenses (either texted to my personal cell at 720-xxx-xxxx or emailed here), but I also need some pictures of you to put in your profile that we’re hoping to start soon. At least one photo of you by yourself and then a photo of you with your family – and any others you’d like to include. They also can be texted to me or sent to my email.

Thanks very much and I’ll be in touch with you once we hear back about your medical record screening.

Take care!



The Welcoming to Colorado Surrogacy 

I came across the agency, Colorado Surrogacy, a little bit before Christmas. I was given contact information when I was looking into having a baby with my wife Mariah. I told the lady on the phone, who was Jennifer, about my previous surrogacy journey. I informed her of my doubts with this agency. She gave me a little info about their program and how they have a IP’s (intended parent) that I may be interested in. She gave me insight on this IP in particular and I told her, “yes.” I knew I was the person for the job right then and there. After a few more minutes of conversstion, she ended the note on making sure I got private insurance and to go online and fill out the basic application. Due to the fact I just recently switched jobs, I was not aware if my position was benefits eligible. A few days passed and I didnt put much thought into it. I found myself in my bosses office going over my floor orientation schedule. We started talking about my position and come to find out, I was eligible for full benefits due to being full time (I thought this whole time I was PRN). Once I was home, I filled out the quick online application and called Jennifer back ASAP to make sure she received it. Of course, she did and I reminded her that I was still interested in the IP we discussed days ago. On 12/29/2016 I received a email from Jennifer, who is part of the team, about my welcome packet and the steps needed to be done. This is the full email disclosed: 

Dear Ashley,


Thanks very much for your interest in becoming a surrogate with our agency. This email serves as a confirmation that you will receive a call from Barrett Lucero from our office tomorrow to set up an interview appointment.  If you miss her call or need to call at a time that is more convenient than waiting for her, please give her a call at 303-xxx-xxx

The interview usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. Let us know if you end up needing to reschedule!


Attached to this email are the following documents:


1. Welcome Letter

2. Application

3. Background Check Form

4. Medical Request Form

5. Sample Compensation Contract

6. Summary of Compensation


Please fill out the Application and the Background Check Form (one for each adult in your household) and send back to me or Barrett (cc’d here) as soon as possible. We will also need a picture or photocopy/scan of each household adult’s Drivers License. 


The medical request form is for you to fill out and send to your OB/GYN(s). There are instructions on the form for their offices to send your records back to us.

The Welcome Letter and the Compensation Forms are only for your information and do not need to be filled out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


We are excited to get to know you better. Your interest in helping a family achieve the dream of having a child is generous and beautiful!


Kind regards,